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To a large extent, most Third-World Internet Businesses (i.e., countries where ICT infrastructures/penetrations are still low), especially the small to medium types, have been left further behind as e-commerce continues to boom. e-Business solutions are still too expensive today. Even connectivity is still relatively costlier. To make matter worse, almost all Net marketing gurus are from the First-World, and it is of no surprise that their techniques are more applicable to the First-World. A report reveals that only 5% of all Net businesses worldwide are success stories. Out of this 5%, it is estimated that Third-World successes comprised only 0.25%.

RichADZ attempts to provide resources that have been tested and found workable in the Third World Internet Business environment as a means in getting you nearer to the 0.25 percentile of Third-World success story.


RichADZ is a fully Internet-based entity based in the Malaysian state of Sabah, which was formerly known as North Borneo. The name RichADZ basically represents the words - "Rich" (as in abundance, fullness, and valuable) and "Advertisement" (as in e-business advertising which also includes web-design, e-commerce solutions, etc.).  RichADZ was officially established on 28 April 1999 under the Kota Kinabalu Municipal Council Trading Licence Agreement (Reg. No: 015323583) in the State of Sabah, Malaysia.  The RichADZ's website was actually launched 10 days earlier on 18 April 1999.  In July 1999, RichADZ registered the two domain names for its expanding operation - E-BORNEO.COM and E-BORNEO.NET.  In December 1999, Borneo's first comprehensive portal, E-BORNEO.COM was officially launched.  RichADZ's mission and vision are stated below.


Our current missions are as follows:


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