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1. Web-Hosting (at the E-BORNEO.NET domain)

For details of our web hosting plans and pricing, please CLICK HERE.

2. URL Forwarding

For details and pricing, please CLICK HERE.

3. Virtual Server/Server Hosting

For detailed information on the most cost-effective and powerful your-own-domain-name hosting solution (specifically for the small to medium type businesses), please CLICK HERE.

4. Web-Creation

Prices for web-creation PLUS web-hosting varies from as low as several hundreds to several thousands Ringgit depending on the type of webpage of your choice (i.e., Introductory, professional, e-commerce, etc.) as well as the number of pages and file size. Quotation for this type of service is almost impossible as each company has their own website's goals and focus. However, given our overidding aim to provide the most cost-effective avenue for businesses in this region to have an Internet presence, our packages are at least 30 percent off the present standard industry cost. All of the Web Creation plus Web Hosting Package includes the following:

NOTE: As of end-2002, we have discontinued with Web Creation services. The main reason? As far as a small-to-medium size e-business is concerned, there are now system of tools that can make even a newbie looks like a pro webmaster and designer. For more details, please read an article on The Next Generation of e-Commerce Web Hosting.

5. Web-Advertising

For the full details of Banner Advertising/Sponsorship at portal, the cheapest advertising solutions in the Planet, please CLICK HERE!

6. E-Commerce Solutions

7. Others

Email us at or use our web-based form for further details or inquiries, or try out our LIVE CHAT information service to talk to one of our online Sales Representatives.  Currently, most of our Sales Representatives may be spending most of the time away from the office, but you may never know, one of them may be around to answer your queries in real time. Click here for LIVE Assistance!

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