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URL Forwarding/Redirection

NOTE: As of end-2002, we have discontinued with these services. The main reason? As we strive to provide or recommend only the best and cost-effective solutions to our clients, we would like to advise you that these type of services are outdated as far as a serious e-business is concerned. For more details, please read an article on The Next Generation of e-Commerce Web Hosting.

Options Descriptions Price (RM)


In-House Forwarding (One-Page)

( to


(i.e., Parking, For Sell, etc...)

Forwarding Fee - RM65.00 per year


In-House Forwarding (Standard Hosting)

( to

Forwarding Fee - RM65.00

RM 20.00 per month


External Forwarding

( to

Forwarding Fee - RM65.00 per year

Note: If you insist on such service(s), please refer to the rates above which is subject to change.


Important: Forwarding Fee includes your own domain name registration - registration and forwarding will be taken care of by RichADZ. Customers can also take advantage of our low US$15.00 (excluding credit card interest, bank conversion rate, etc.) domain name registration service (see item no. 6 below) by ordering your own domain name by yourself at no additional charge (besides the US$15.00 fee, which is payable to but forwarding, maintenance and migrating management will be your sole responsibilities.

Payment: Payment upon confirmation of order for Options 2A and 2C is the full amount of the one-year forwarding fee payable in cash or cheque (to RichADZ, the management entity for the e-borneo domains). The next year's amount shall be paid not less than 30 working days before the commencement of the Second (2nd) year of web hosting. Payment for Option 2B  is the 1-year forwarding fee plus six-month standard hosting fee (similar conditions as per Option 1A above).


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