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If you're starting a major new business on the Net or want to improve upon results from an existing Web presence or merely looking to build a solid second income stream, this info is for you. It is a bit long, but I feel that it is necessary for you to get a fuller picture of why your action today will put you, not one, but two steps ahead of your nearest competitors. But whatever your e-commerce goals, the products I am about to introduce, will OVERdeliver, no matter how lofty your expectations are. As you will soon see, these products have been globally acclaimed by major authorities as best of breed..., even before they are fully launched. Yet they are priced so that you can afford them... easily.


(Skip this section if you are not a newbie to web-hosting)

Starting an Internet business is akin to finding the right car (i.e., vehicle), learning to drive (i.e., knowledge), and steer it towards your destination (i.e., goal). Alas, when the e-commerce wave first began, you would need to seperately buy the car engine, body, chasis, wheels, body paint, windscreen, etc. before you can start an e-biz. It won't be a problem if you know or interested to build up an entire engine, or assemble the car on your own. It normally costs a fortune to employ someone else to do these tasks. Then, you need to figure out how to drive it well and where you want to go.

Few years later, some smart netrepreneurs introduced modular web hosting. Great, you can suddenly 'buy' a ready-made engine fo your choice. Someone else were offering a 3-in-1 components of body, paints, and accessories. Yeah, they still cost a bundle since they still come in seperate components. And once again, you need to figure out the manual to assemble a smaller components properly. That left you little time to figure out where you want to go and how to be an expert driver in all road conditions.

You simply want to buy a darn car, and drive it to your destination.

Why get entangled with the complexity of HTML, FTP, webpage creation, CGI scripts, SSI, Javascript, etc., when the most important thing you should focus in is GETTING THE SALES from your website.

Then recently, some smart guy began to offer an all-in-one hosting solution. It looks like heaven to seasoned netrepreneurs at first despite the cost. But, again, taking the car analogy, if driving a car was like this so-called new breed of web hosting, we would be required to take the engine apart and reassemble it daily! Most people just want to step on the accelerator and vroom, or the brake, every now and then, to get to where they want to go. They do not want to know where's the carburettor or spark plug is.

Despite solving the hosting, HTML and scripts problems, one thing was still missing. The website works perfectly well, but the visitors and of course, the sales, were still poor. We still need to spend time on too much web-related development. We can't drive in peace or in leisure. There were too many stop signs in between.

The missing link? Targeted Website Visitors, the lifeline of any Internet business. You need a lot of them to profit. But you still can't find enough time to fully focus on how to attract them effectively and efficiently to your site. Yeah, you be ok if you have the budget. You can pay someone or some pay-per-click search engine to bring them to you. But it is still too costly, and risky.


We demand a new generation of complete e-commerce web hosting solution. One that does not simply do the hosting, one that delivers more than just HITS and (untargeted) visitors, but one that is smart or knowledgeable enough to help you MAKE THE SALES!

Luckily, out of the thousands and thousands of e-business web hosting solutions, one finally came along that looks too good to be true, because it not only delivers, it OVERdelivers!

I am refering to Ken Evoy's latest innovation, the new Site Build It!. Who is Ken Evoy? Well, Ken is the author of the book "Make Your Site SELL! (MYSS!)". Tens of thousands of copies later, MYSS! is generally accepted as the BIBLE of Net-selling. An indispensable "must-read" for everyone involved in e-commerce (marketer, designer, techie... from CEO to filing clerk). And now... it's twice as good. Greatly expanded and totally updated, MYSS! 2002 shows you how to sell on the Net. In the words of one reader, "Nothing even close to this exists." Ken is now regarded as one of the leading web business gurus in the whole planet!


If you don't have enough time at the moment, click here for a 3-Minute Quick Tour of Site Build It! But come back to the end of this page once you've finished for a latest development of Site Build It! - one that will truly explained the above title "The Next Generation of E-Commerce Web Hosting"

In a nut shell, Site Build It! is a unique and complete all-in-one system of tools that make it easy for anyone (from savvy pro to complete newbie) to create and build a Web site. Its package includes:

  • Action Guide to Profit Generating Websites
  • Your own domain name
  • Web Hosting
  • Brainstorming and Research tools
  • Point and Click Pro Website Creator
  • Automated Search Engine Submission
  • Full Traffic Analysis Tool
  • Unlimited 24/7 Support

Site Build It!'s cutting-edge set of integrated tools reduces those mind-numbing, tedious, time-consuming, boring and/or complicated as well as costly tasks to mere clicks of buttons.

Site Build It! turns those "killer steps" into child's play, allowing you to focus on what you know best... your theme, and converting the building traffic into dollars. The course makes it very clear that you don't have to...

  • do all the brain-numbing e-business niche and keyword brainstorming and researching
  • know any html, ftp, scripting, or other complicated Web hosting stuff
  • hire any graphic or html or Search Engine experts (SBI! even tells you what to do to improve your ranking at the engines!)
  • submit and track all the engines
  • perform weekly, brain-destroying Pay-Per-Click research and mass-bidding
  • etc., etc., etc.
  • don't even have to worrying about renewing your domain name!

If you like doing your own CGI/perl, hiring your own designers, fiddling with HTML and FTP,
submitting and re-submitting to engines, and constantly having to stay up to speed on everything-to-do-with-Net-marketing, etc., etc., then you probably won't like Site Build It! -- it makes everything seem "too easy."

However, serious netrepreneurs and professional traffic-builders tend to opt for Site Build It! simply because... it MULTIPLIES their productivity. Why bother with all the tedious, time-sucking jobs and complexities? Focus on the bottom line instead, while technology does the drudge work.

And for the vast, vast majority of small businesses... all people really want to do is focus on their BUSINESS, not worry about how the Net works. For affiliates, the BUSINESS is building targeted traffic through themed content --> and SBI! makes that a snap. NOW, though, the next big step for SBI! will go way beyond that...

Folks just don't want to fight technology and complexities. They simply want to do BUSINESS. And that's what SBI! allows them to.

Think about it... you don't have to understand how the phone works to make a business call. That's the way e-commerce Web hosting should be... and WILL be, soon.

Site Build It! is the ultimate way to build a steady stream of targeted visitors who arrive in that warm, ready-to-buy mood.  Boost both your Conversion Rates and your traffic numbers. Targeted traffic is the life-blood of any online business. An increase in TARGETED traffic produces more SALES which in turn produces more INCOME for you. SBI will show you how to create a Theme-Based Content Site... a site that is loaded with high value Keyword-Focused Pages that rank highly with the Search Engines AND get the click through to income-generating sites. This site can be an affiliate merchant site, your own online store, or your sales site that sells products of your own creation or professional services.


Hardly! If you are still with me at this stage, you deserved to know the "#1 Insider's Info" of 2002. Okay, Site Build It! is in the process of been upgraded to be the ultimate e-commerce value bundle in the history of e-business. In fact, Ken truly believe we will own the future of e-commerce Web hosting for the SMEs/SOHO/small business market (i.e., 1-10 employees).

Site Build It! TODAY is already one-of-a-kind in power, value, and simplicity. But Ken never fail to amaze me. He never stops improving a tool/system that is already in a class of its own. Site Build It! has now been bundled into two seperate components to better serve netrepreneurs. Site Build It! Basic (SBI!-B), the first of two major SBI! launches, will be launched in a matter of days from today, to be followed by Site Build It! E-goods (SBI!-E).

Because of this new development in the short but enormously successful history of Site Build It!, its price may not be as INEXPENSIVE as it is now. But..., Site Build It! will definitely be more COST-EFFECTIVE than the current version. 


You can get both SBI!-B and SBI!-E for FREE at NO ADDED COST for the remainder of your subscription, for NOW.

Click here to read an exclusive review of the new components of Site Build It! from Ken Evoy himself, and a special PRE-LAUNCH OFFER, to all current SBI!'s owners and SiteSell ezine subscribers - For Your Eyes Only - perhaps, the most important Insider's Info you will get for the rest of your e-business endeavor. It may well be the start of your profitable online business life!

(The above was written on mid-August 2002 and some descriptions may be outdated)




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