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Review of SBI!-B and SBI!-E: The WHO and the WHAT

By Ken Evoy M.D., of Site-Sell


This article is a follow-up from richADZ's article entitled "The Next Generation of e-Commerce Web Hosting is Here!" If you are not sure what is Site Build It!, it is recommended that you read the preceding article first.

Let's review Site Build It! Basic (SBI!-B) and Site Build It! E-Goods (SBI!-E) now. We'll cover WHAT is in each product and WHO it is for.

Site Build It! Basic (SBI!-B) will include all the functionality of the current Site Build It!, PLUS...

  • A Mailout module where you will be able to take opt-in subscriptions via your SBI! site, and then contact that list with an attractive HTML-formatted newsletter (text for those subscribers who have HTML-incompatible e-mail software, of course).
  • Powerful server-side graphic tools, LogoCreator and NavBar Maker, which allow you to build...
  • PhotoShop-quality logos
  • Professional, customized left-margin navbars
  • Your own polished, customized Web page templates ... and that's WITHOUT the PhotoShop learning curve!
  • Redirect your catchall SBI! e-mail to any e-mail box in the world, including free addresses (ex.,,
  • Pop-under a selected page from your home page -- which will dramatically increase your e-zine subscription rate, if you "select" your subscription sign-up page (and later, your affiliate registration rate for SBI!-E users, if that's the sign-up page you select).

Of course, all this extra functionality is in addition to the already impressive list of SBI! functions.

Who is SBI!-B for?...

a) AFFILIATES, naturally -- the "ultimate" system rises to the next level -- can I say, it's "ultimater"?!

b) PEOPLE SELLING SERVICES, a HUGE opportunity. With the addition of e-zine capability, SBI!-B becomes a powerful tool for FINDING targeted POTENTIAL clients and CONVERTING them into ACTUAL ones!

What kind of services can you sell with SBI!-B?.

The number of eligible services is almost infinite...

  • Services with a GLOBAL clientele. For example, let's say that you index books for a living (hey, someone has to do it!). There's a global market of authors and publishers looking for you!

And YOU, Mr./Ms. Book-Indexer, can use SBI!-B to build a Web presence, attract targeted, motivated traffic, and sell your book-indexing service online.

SBI!-B is the perfect solution, especially with its upcoming e-zine building-mailout module. Why are e-zines so important for service-sellers? Because repeated and regular contact, through an e-zine that provides great content, is key to building confidence and ensuring that potential customers have the trust needed to contact YOU for the job!

  • Services with a LOCAL clientele. For example, suppose you are a Jungian psychologist, offering a variety of psychotherapy services in Sarasota, Florida. Or perhaps you're a fitness trainer in Vancouver, Canada? SBI!-B shows you how to tailor its power to reach your local market and build a profitable base of clientele in your region.

  • Don't sell a service? Think!

Let me repeat...


What skills set do you have that others would pay to employ on a periodic basis? Or what could you learn to do? The answer to those questions will tell you, your friends, colleagues, visitors/readers what service(s) you can sell online.

What is SBI!-E?

OK, so much for using SBI!-B to build an affiliate and/or service income stream(s). Next...

The upcoming Site Build It! E-Goods (SBI!-E). Before I tell you what SBI!-E does, let's see...

What can you sell with SBI!-E?

Sell whatever your brain knows about and the heart desires (something that is within the bounds of good taste and is legal, of course)...

  • e-books (PDF, Word documents, PowerPoints, etc.)
  • e-photo collections
  • e-music
  • e-clip art
  • e-sounds
  • MP3s/music
  • cartoons, art, illustrations
  • database products
  • software of any kind.

Basically, if you can DIGITIZE it, you can SELL it...

... through SBI!-E.

And HOW exactly does SBI!-E enable you to do all this?

Through truly amazing functionality -- it includes all the functionality of SBI!-B, plus the following set of coordinated, integrated powers...

  • get YOUR OWN credit card merchant account (in USD, CAD, pounds, or EUROs)

  • clear credit cards in real-time, the way we do, as well as enter orders manually (for off-line orders)

  • sophisticated fraud screening (PRE-order, DURING, and POST-order), plus state-of-the-art transaction processing

  • find your product's perfect price -- yes, your very own pricing survey will make sure you don't leave any money on the table! (Pure MYPS! power!)

  • secure digital e-good delivery -- sell and fulfill/ship e-goods exactly the way we do here at SiteSell. Once a customer purchases your e-good, SBI!-E totally automates its digital delivery upon completion of payment. Better still, we'll prevent your customer from making further unauthorized downloads, and provide focused, actionable statistics to ensure your business is running as efficiently as possible.

  • fast efficient payment -- SBI!-E "EFTs" your funds directly into your bank account (EFT = Electronic Fund Transfer)

  • a 2-tier, customizable affiliate program -- recruit a commission-driven sales force to sell YOUR OWN digital product. It's the same technology that we use at -- BETTER actually, because it includes a tool that will accelerate your rate of growth, a tool that even we don't have right now.

  • a sleek MailOut Module -- SBI!-E offers enhanced e-zine capability, including the ability to maintain ongoing contact with multiple mailing lists... "opt-in" subscribers (from SBI!-B), plus the ability to mail to existing customers and affiliate program members.

  • the same kind of extensive "reporting and managing" back-end tools that SiteSell has. Track and manage your business via mere button clicks.

In short, you'll be able to do everything we do here at SiteSell. (Actually, you'll be ahead of us... we'll be very much like the "shoeless shoemaker" since our old and somewhat creaky MailOut program only does sendouts in text format. SBI!-E owners will have full HTML mailing capability!)

Remember, we will be adding modules, each of which is the equivalent of what other companies "do for a living." For example, some e-com companies focus their ENTIRE business on delivering just ONE of the following Site Build It! modules...

  • brainstorming and researching keywords

  • regular Web hosting, with all its HTML, ftp, cgi, etc.

  • submit Web Pages and track all the Search Engines, and re-submit based on their behavior and activity, NOT "auto-pilot" style.

  • rank-reporting at the Search Engines

  • Pay-Per-Click research and mass-bidding

  • e-zine host (listserv)

  • transaction processing

  • e-goods delivery

  • affiliate technology

  • etc., etc., etc.

  • sheesh, you don't even have to worry about renewing your domain name! SBI! does it automatically (so just ignore the ripoff companies asking you to renew!).

(tentative pricing is about CAD$299 or just under US$200/RM800 for one module)

For those who like to tinker, to work with a variety of tools, to do their own HTML, programming, etc., etc., buying all the above services (and then some!) *IS* an option. But FOR THE REST OF US, who just want to do BUSINESS as efficiently as possible...

SBI! will do it *ALL*... if the programmers don't croak from exhaustion first, that is! ;-)

This WILL be a major leap in e-commerce Web hosting... a super-impressive and unique value bundle for the SMEs/SOHO/ small business person.


All current SBI! owners will have their accounts upgraded to include this new functionality, AT NO ADDED COST. So if SBI!-B is for you or your friends, colleagues or visitors/readers, NOW is the time to order...


Multiple streams of income!

Yes, SBI!-E singlehandedly provides the ability for ANYONE to generate MULTIPLE streams of income...

  • affiliate income


  • service-selling income


  • e-good income.

It's easy to do... just build upon personal expertise/experience/passion to offer your "skills" through services and your "knowledge" through a series of mini-books. Two potential income streams are well within reach! Add a third stream by linking to non-competing merchants for affiliate income.

To open your eyes to THE KINDS OF POSSIBILITIES, here are just a few more examples...

  • corporate/tax expert in Anguilla -- provide e-books as well as your high-end services (sold after several exposures to you via your e-zine). Who me? Anguilla on the brain? Nah...

  • plastic surgery consultant -- sort out the good from the bad. Provide independent analysis.

  • home schooling expertise -- sell some e-books AND your services to those seeking help here.

  • time management skills for moms of newborns (think that's too tight of a niche? Ha!)

  • foreign students in Canada -- again, an "insider's" e-pamphlet and your services to help foreign students get accepted to universities, find cheap housing and part-time work, etc. are just what a lot of young people seek.

Do the above all seem rather esoteric or specialized? Well, that's the whole point! Build your service-based and/or e-good-selling business upon something that YOU'VE ALREADY LIVED... or SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN LEARN IN A HURRY.

I could go on and on... infoproducts, tutorials, fiction, poetry, your personal photo history of Kuala Lumpur, your portfolio. The possibilities are endless, and I have some great news that you can take advantage of right now...


All owners of SBI!-B will receive SBI!-E free (yes, even the merchant account -- EVERYTHING!) for the remainder of your subscription or FOR three months, whichever lasts longer.


Whatever the passion or business... CAD$478 (under US$300/RM1,200) is the only investment needed to build an online Web venture. No meetings with Bank Managers, no finding investment partners, no diva-designer issues to contend with... there's even no need to hire a marketing agency, graphic designer, or any kind of Net consultant.

The present *is* the time to get started. If you have EVER thought about selling a service and/or an e-good (or, more importantly, EVEN IF YOU HAVE NOT!), NOW is the best time to buy.

Why NOW?

Because there is, of course a down-side to this offer...

All good things must come to an end. Soon, when we launch the new functionality, SBI!-E will be sold separately. True to SiteSell's constant commitment of "putting the customer first," the price will be MUCH less than buying MERELY ONE of the above e-commerce functions elsewhere from other companies (tentative pricing is about CAD$299 or just under US$200/RM800 for one module). Think about it... a *NO-ADS* e-zine provider can run you up to hundreds of dollars per year. And the cost of a good DESIGNER?!

But you can get it for free, for NOW.


If you have an e-good or service to sell online, there is no time like the present...


Start building your site today, while you create your e-book, software, collection of photos, MP3s, or whatever else you plan to sell digitally. By the time you have a site up and your product ready to download, we'll be set to launch your business to the next level, with a FREE SBI!-E upgrade...


After the launch of SBI!-B (end of August), we'll be about 6-8 weeks away from launching SBI!-E. But if we don't launch BOTH SBI!-B and SBI!-E by the end of September, I'll be adding any delays as free months onto that offer! THAT'S a promise. You simply can't lose on this.

Get started now, with the current version of SBI!, which will help you build a base of targeted traffic. Then add SBI!-B, free, and finally the full SBI!-E... all free as outlined above. If we're delayed (and HUGE projects do tend to do this), that delay simply becomes more time to build your base... at OUR expense.


The SBI!-E value-bundle of e-goods-selling modules will be far cheaper, and better, than competitors like (who ONLY provide an order form -- at a far greater price  than the entire SBI! suite of tools).

But EVEN the SBI-E! charge can be avoided. More info on  this below, but  to summarize our pre-launch offer...

Purchase SBI! right now, and start getting your e-good ready... you'll be in great shape to hit the ground running, for free for the rest of the year (not including the per-sale transaction fee, which will also be less than all competitors).

It's impossible to lose, especially with our "No Risk Free Trial Guarantee" as explained on the site...

If you have a service to sell, NOW is the time while SBI! is at its current price. Again, you'll hit the ground running, ready to launch your e-zine and build a growing client list, once we launch SBI!-B.

And everyone with an SBI!-B site, who has been steadily moving forward, building nicely trafficked Theme-Based Content Sites, deserves to experience the sheer joy of turning that TARGETED traffic into INCOME by *selling* TARGETED e-goods that fit what their visitors seek. It's a wonderful feeling to turn your computer on in the morning and see a number of overnight sales... all processed and fulfilled automatically. :-)

So now is the time to get that quick jump, whether you plan to sell a service and/or an e-good... get your site up, traffic building, and your e-product(s) prepared, NOW. That way...

... you'll be full-bore launching when we do. Free.

That's right. Anyone buying SBI right now will have access to e-commerce for FREE on his/her site until renewal date, FREE mailing capabilities, FREE merchant account, e-goods and much more...

What are you waiting for? Go to SBI! site now! (OR check your taskbar for the Pop-Under, which was enabled for your convenience)


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