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As of end-2002, we have discontinued with web hosting services at our own server. As we strive to provide or recommend the best and most cost-effective solutions to our clients, richADZ had conducted extensive research on a multitude of e-business related topics. From a recent study on web hosting, the following web-hosting companies were found to be offering the most competitive solutions in terms of both cost-effectiveness and efficiency (in particular, for individual, and small-medium sized businesses) at present in no particular order.



IPOWERWEB, Inc., The Power Behind eBusiness

IPOWERWEB is the world's leading eBusiness Website Hosting provider. Founded in 1999, their Internet based end-to-end solutions enable small and medium sized enterprises to profit from their online presence. Their market-leading, unique, customer-centric suite of web site hosting solutions has quickly become the first choice of many businesses worldwide. The IPOWERWEB Business Pro is the #1 selling hosting solution worldwide. Over 200,000 members from over 150 countries depend on IPOWERWEB for speed, reliability, security and global reach. The company has garnered several awards for outstanding performance and customer service including the 100Best "Best Overall Host for 2002" and Host Pulse's "World's Best Web Hosting Company."

800MB Storage

40GB transfer

400 Pop Email

Unlimited Email Forwarding


From US$7.95/month

   (+ Free Setup)

PowWeb Hosting - $7.77/month!

PowWeb, Inc. (PowWeb Hosting)

Established in 1999, PowWeb is a privately owned, debt-free Web hosting company that helps individuals and small businesses establish a presence on the Internet. PowWeb is acknowledged as one of the reputable and well trusted leaders in the low-cost Web hosting industry, and has quickly become one of the fastest-growing Web hosting companies on the Internet! Their top selling "one plan" web hosting package is the perfect hosting solution for all your needs. Their service combines reliability, speed, community, and customer service. They offer one of the best price/service ratios on the planet!


65GB transfer

650 Pop Email

Unlimited Email Forwarding


SSL, Flash, etc.


   (+2 to 4 months FREE!)

1000 MB Hosting, 1000 Email Accts for $7.50/mo

Globat, LLC

Globat is a Los Angeles-based web hosting company and application service provider opens its virtual doors in December 2001. The company was founded by a team of seasoned executives and Internet veterans including the founders of, and iBoost Technology, Inc. With the assistance of a team of old-school web hosting experts, Globat intends to shake up the web hosting industry the same way their core team did in 1996 when they first introduced affordable and top quality web hosting to the market, an approach which had been copied by many other companies.


50GB transfer


1000 POP email accounts

Frontpage, MYSQL

Flash, CGI, SSI, etc.

From US$7.50/month

   (+ Free Setup).

20GB transfer for $7.95 a month


Lunarpages was founded in the summer of 2000 when Add2Net Corporation expanded its hosting offerings to include shared hosting. For the previous 3 years, Add2Net had been successfully providing large scale managed and unmanaged hosting services, and had became one of the leaders in the shared web hosting market. With the experience of hosting over 20,000 small and medium size businesses over more than 5 years makes them one of the top choices for reliable and experienced hosting! The Lunarpages brand is the culmination of years of exceptional service and experience. Lunarpage have certainly leveraged their expertise and experience in enterprise-scale traffic management and set the mark for the rest of the hosting industry!


20GB transfer


Unlimited email accounts


JSP, ASP, PERL, etc.

From US$7.95/month

   (+Free Setup)

HostRocket.Com - 1000MB 50GB - $9.95


Founded in 2000, HostRocket is a successful web hosting firm headquartered in New York. HostRocket is dedicated towards providing a cost effective, fully managed web hosting solutions for websites of any size and its goal is to provide web hosting that would revolutionize the industry. In June of 2003, HostRocket astonished everyone in the industry by launching HR Free, a free basic web hosting service which would allow individuals and businesses to quickly and easily establish an online presence with the ability to seamlessly upgrade to a more advanced hosting account.


50GB transfer


Unlimited POP email accounts


From US$9.95/month VDS Web Hosting


Jumpline specializes in a new hosting technology called Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). From the flexibility to the security, VDS hosting has surpassed the standards of old 'virtual hosting' solutions. Since their inception in 1997, Jumpline has been a privately owned company with proven industry experience combined with strong partnerships with both Qwest Communications and Sphera Corporation. Their provision of VDS web hosting coupled with customer service representatives to our systems engineers, had enabled Jumpline to distance itself from other web hosting companies in the market today. This had allowed Jumpline to set the standard for the future of shared web hosting.

From 500MB

From 10GB transfer.

150 POP email accounts

10 FTP accounts

Hosting of multiple domains

  (virtual host)


Full CGI-bin

From US$14.95/month

  (for 6 websites)



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DISCLAIMER: However, the right to utilize/purchase the service of any of the above companies is entirely up to the sole discretion of readers and visitors to this website. All opinions and/or recommendations expressed by richADZ reflect our judgment based on research and reviews as of this date and are subject to change without prior notice. By utilizing/ordering/subscribing, you agreed that richADZ, its research staff or any of its affiliated websites/pages will not be liable for any dispute, losses, omissions, inaccuracy, or incompleteness as a result of your business participation.

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