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Utilizing PAYAAH To Accept Payment Online The Most Cost-Effective Way

Whether you are trying to sell your e-product on line, looking for a lucrative affiliate program or searching for an array of e products, then Payaah is where you will find the total online solution.

Payaah is the ideal distribution channel for your digital products and services and building your affiliate base.


Why in the world would any one want to sell their product them selves when there is a place you can effortlessly build you own affiliate network without complicated software.

If building your own affiliate network is not what you had in mind, just use the already existing affiliate base. Either way Payaah handles the once a month payment to your affiliates.

There is nothing to install, after your website has been approved you can log in and set up a buy button on your payment pages.

If you are asking yourself, “Hey, what about my recurring customers?” Payaah has that covered as well; simple plug and play buttons for subscriptions are also available.

The back office reports are detailed and efficient. It is real time tracking so you know when your affiliates are making sales for you. Detail reports are accessible at any time.

We all know how important a protected and secure setting is for your customers. Payaah offers telephone verification for suspicious sales as well as instant notification when a purchase is made. Payaah customers can use any major credit card.

All of this and it is more reasonable than you may think. There are no monthly fees or leasing. No statement fee or gateway or third party fee. The set up fee is 49.99

The commission rate is 5.5-7 % plus 1.00 per transaction. If you are a veteran on the internet and you have seen what services are available to Info Product Owners you know that this is more that practical.

If Online affiliate programs are your forte then you need to partner with hundreds of leading web merchants and Payaah enable you to do just that.

With the option to pick and chose products to promote right out of the marketplace. You can pick the one or ones that are right for you, right for your website and right for your checkbook. Better yet you can promote the entire marketplace and earn 5-75% commissions on all products listed. Get one check from Payaah.

Signing up is a breeze, it takes less that 5 minutes. It truly can’t get easier!!

Don’t, agree…?

Have questions….?

Contact them! They have email support, telephone support as well as live chat support.

It is not often today that you find one site online that benefits so many. REALLY does.

Payaah is the wayaah to sell more online, Find e products, and earn affiliate commissions from hundreds of vendors on the Internet. I highly recommend Payaah.

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