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Utilizing Search Engine Submission Software to Submit Your URL to Thousands of Free Search Engines and Directories With One Click of Your Mouse

Getting listed in the free Search Engines is the lifeline of your web business. Over 85% of Web surfers use search engines to get what they need. Hence, the more search engines and directories your web site is listed on, the greater traffic you will most likely to receive. But submitting your link to search engines is extremely time consuming. And it is also a must to submit your site at least once a month to generate greater ranking and traffic.

The trick to do this without the need to spent too much time is utilize a Blaster software, whereby, with a click of your mouse, your URL will be submitted to literally hundreds or even thousands of search engines, directories, FFAs and link pages.

But there are so many such softwares that are scams and will not deliver what it promises. Yes, you may have submitted your site to hundred thousands search engines, directories, FFAs and link pages in one click, but the bottom line is, your site traffic will not improve dramatically and worse, you may get no additional sales.

Basically, if you chose the wrong one, it can do more harm than good to your web business. For instance, your site can get 'penalized' by the leading Search Engines for utilizing an automated submission procedure and thus, depriving your site from being indexed. Similarly, you may get 'penalized' for spam submission by some search engines if you auto submit too often.

I have been utilizing a few siteblaster softwares with some degree of success in the past. But one faithful day, I received the following email from one of my fellow Third World Markerter friend as follows:

Hi Rich,

I've been testing an exciting new URL submission tool which is going to make my life and yours a whole lot easier.

URL submissions to search engines always seem to take far too long, no matter how organized you are.

If you're like me, you probably aren't keen to put your trust in some of the free online services which claim they'll submit your URL to thousands of sites.

After all, do they ever show you a report, or confirm that you have actually been added?

When it comes to URL submissions, it's the main search engines which I care about most. However, even submitting to just the top 10 is tiresome and time-consuming if you have many pages on your site or if your own several other sites.

Another problem is that search engines may penalize you if you use some URL submission software instead of actually visiting the search engines.

Solving all those problems in one mighty blow is the new Search Engine Blaster submission service.

Whether you have dozens of domains to administer, or just a few URL's to submit, Search Engine Blaster can handle all of your dirty work--automatically--unattended.

Better yet, search engines won't object to it, It's pre-programmed to automatically submit your web pages, in a responsible and effective manner. What's important here is that the software does NOT spam the search engines. It posts URLs in a responsible fashion, so the search engines won't see any objectionable behavior.

The worst part about most submission software is manually adding in the URL's of your web site. With Search Engine Blaster, it couldn't be easier. You just enter in your domain name, and their submit bot will visit your web site, and automatically load every page on your site into the submission queue--it's truly amazing to see. You can actually see it working, as all of your pages instantly show up in your submit list
right in your browser!

I found it very simple to use. Since it is an online based service, there's no complicated software to learn and nothing to download. Once you tell it what to submit, it will automatically re-submit as often as you'd like. You don't even have to log in to do it--It's all on auto-pilot!

While it certainly submits to the top engines, It also submits to thousands of niche specific search engines, free for all sites, directories, and even classified ad sites, doing the work for you with pinpoint accuracy, as if you were doing it manually--even while you're on vacation!

There's another tool included with this service called the doorway page builder. Again, they made this one very easy to use. You type in some keywords and phrases about your web site, click on create, and the software will instantly generate up to 50 key word optimized doorway pages just for you (This allows search engines to list even more sites on your domain, as well as earning you a higher rank in the engines)It will even upload them directly to your website, and submit those new pages directly to the
search engines as well.

All in all, I found this service to be first class. I've never seen anything else like it.

Their support staff was there when I needed them, and they have an extensive FAQ (frequently asked questions) database that I found very helpful. They truly seem to care about their customers.

Additionally, they offer a generous two-tier affiliate program, offering a 30% recurring commission on all of your sales, plus an ongoing 10% commission on anyone who signs up to be an affiliate using one of your

I predict this tool will be hugely popular in the coming months, and will soon become the "standard" in automated marketing. I love it!

Make YOUR life a whole lot easier. Take a closer look at Search Engine Blaster now.

Click here for more details.

Best Regards,


Hmmm, my first impression was that its just another one of those SearchBlaster gimmick. But I visited the site and did some research, and actually found that it was given good reviews, including a recommendation from a well acknowledged Net guru, Graham Hamer of the TrafficJam Formula fame.

Hence, I subscribed to the Search Engine Blaster and tested it out for myself on one of my affiliate programs' link. I blasted my single URL to over 600,000 search engines, directories, FFA's, and Free Classified Ad Sites with just one click and leave it on automated submission! And after a month or two, to my surprise, my said site was suddenly displaying an increase in traffic and not to mention sales compared to the earlier months. I cannot be 100% sure that it was directly because of the Search Engine Blaster but given that I did not really focus much on the said site, I can guarantee that it must be 100% indirectly due to it.

This is after all not just a standalone siteblaster software. Its a complete traffic pulling software that allows you to find profitable keywords to optimize your site for the search engines and/or to create many mini doorway pages.

Since there are more than one factors that will make your site pulls in the sales, I do not think this wonderful software is for everyone. The novice should continue building and perfecting their site and content, and better to manually submit your new site to the leading Search Engines and Directories such as Google, Dmoz and Yahoo first. I also feel that it is most suitable for web marketing and Internet business opportunities sites. Hence, I will leave it to you to decide on this.

For more info on the Search Engine Blaster, please Click Here




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