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Why Build Content? It Boosts Credibility, Builds Income AND Generates Traffic!

By Ken Evoy M.D., of Site-Sell


No matter what e-biz road you embark on, the key to your long term success boils down to two very basic elements...

o Your Web site, and how effectively it converts visiting surfers into paying customers.

If you happen to be an affiliate member,
read that last sentence as "how well your
Web site PREsells your visitors to your
merchant partner's site.

o The sheer number of visitors to your Web site.

Depending on numerous factors (your brand popularity, your product, your competition, your credibility, etc, etc.), your Conversion Rate (the number of casual surfers that get converted into paying customers) may vary from .01% to 5%. Yes, you can expect somewhere from a low of 1 in 1,000 visitors to a high of 5 in 100 visitors to become paying customers. That's the norm on the Web.

Obviously, if your own Conversion Rate is on the low end of the scale, you'll need to take the necessary steps to improve it. That's the easiest and quickest way to improve the number of sales -- and, most importantly, it's totally within your control.

How do you improve your CR?

The biggest problem any small business netrepreneur faces is a lack of CREDIBILITY. Let's face it... nobody's heard of most of us. And stories of fraud, although wildly overstated, make many surfers wary of unknown people and products. Their questions?...

o "Is the product really that good?"

o "Will they honor the guarantee?"

o "How do I know if I'll ever see the product?"

o "How do I know they won't disappear with my credit card number?"

If you're going to win over these people and turn them into paying customers, you *must* address these issues. That's the *key* to improving your Conversion Rate. And just how do you do that?

The easiest, cheapest, and most effective way is to establish your credibility by building a content-rich site centered around a specific theme or topic. Content establishes YOUR credibility, by establishing YOU as the expert.

Choose a theme about which you are passionate, and this works even more to your advantage -- your zeal and enthusiasm will shine through your work, making it even more tenable to visitors.

The best way to ensure your success with a
content site is to sign up for the Affiliate
Masters Course. This course will teach you
how to confidently identify the most
profitable niches within your topic of
interest, and how to partner them with the
merchants that will pay you the biggest
referral commissions.

To sign up, please send a blank e-mail to


OK, so content boosts credibility, but how does it build sales?

Easy... you see, the Net is an information medium. When people use the Internet, they aren't *necessarily* looking to buy something. They're simply looking for information. To sell to these people (who are the majority of surfers), you must...

i) Intercept them as they surf.

ii) Provide them with the information for which they are looking.

iii) Introduce them to a product or service that solves (or provides a solution to) the specific information they requested.

That's why finding the correct merchant partner is SO important. That's why "selling in context" is so important. (All this is covered in detail in the Affiliate Masters Course. You've signed up, right?)...

Send a blank e-mail to...


For example, it hardly makes sense to write a great article on the dangers of elevated cholesterol levels, and then follow it up with a link to a site providing discounted Web hosting. Anybody reading your article on cholesterol has specific needs and concerns. Your mission is to recognize them, and provide your visitors with an effective solution.

This is simply a reincarnation of the old "give" then "take" philosophy. You provide visitors with quality information, after which you "take"... by referring them to a merchant partner whose product or service solves a specific problem (and who pays you a commission for each sale or a lead).

The "give" then "take" philosophy mentioned
here is also Principle #2 of John Audette's
Sweet 16 -- a list of John's 16 Principles
for Building a Successful Internet Business.
John's a savvy netmarketer, the founder of
Audettemedia (now and the
moderator of the highly esteemed I-Sales
List. As far as the Net goes, John has...

Been there, done that.

You can check out John's Sweet 16 list at...



Because you've established your credibility by providing the visitor with top-notch, quality information, your recommendation becomes much more plausible. Visitors then give your endorsement more weight, and as a result, they are much more likely to buy.

Contrast this with a Web site full-to-the-bursting-point with crass banners and low quality recommendations...

"Try this... it's REALLY great!"

You'll discover that for the netrepreneur, building income through content is not the way to go...

It's the *only* way to go.

OK, Ken, now what about traffic? How does a content-site build traffic?

Good question. And here's where the Affiliate Masters Course really shines. A properly built Content Site targets highly profitable topics/keywords within your prescribed theme. In other words, you build a Content Site around keywords that have a strong demand (lots of searches performed at the Search Engines), but little supply (few results returned at the SEs).

Translation?... High DEMAND + Low SUPPLY = PROFITABILITY.

And because these keywords are in relatively short supply, it's relatively easy to score well (i.e., rank) at the various Search Engines.

Voila! There's the traffic I promised you!

So let's sum it all up...

Building content works because...

o It builds credibility by establishing YOU as the expert.

o Because YOU are the expert, visitors are more likely to heed your recommendations -- therefore, both sales and Conversion Rates soar.

o Because your Content Site targets highly profitable topics that have little supply, it's relatively easy to score well at the SEs for those terms.

Building a Theme-Based Content Site is do-able for everyone. Choose a topic you're passionate about, and follow along with the Affiliate Masters Course until you've narrowed down your topic of choice to a profitable niche market.

Only then is it time to build your site!

There's a much easier way to do all this,
of course. It's called Site Build It!...


Site Build It! lets you build highly
profitable Theme-Based sites so easily...

One click of the "Brainstorm" button is all
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If you've only got a second, check the three
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