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The 6th Great E-Biz Opportunity!

By Ken Evoy M.D., of Site-Sell


Anyone who receives SiteSell's "SITE-SELL" ezine (see end of article for subscribtion info), has qualified his/herself as being SERIOUS about wringing an income out of the Internet.

What then are the best e-commerce opportunities for "the rest of us" as we surf into the new millennium?

Good news. There are 6 BIG opportunities for the netrepreneur to generate HIGH income...

1) An Affiliate Business

The best way, bar none, for anybody to dabble their feet in the waters of e-commerce. You don9t need your own products. You simply PREsell products that you represent. And the most effective way is through Theme-Based Content sites. An affiliate business requires minimal (read zero) cash outlay to get up and running so it's perfect for the cash-strapped, and/ or those who like to take it slow and easy! Learn while you *EARN*. The ideal situation!

If you're interested in a high-earning, low cost affiliate business, and need the whole enchilada... subscribe to the "Affiliate Masters Course" -- an extensive and comprehensive 5-day e-mail course that shows you EXACTLY how to become a high-earning affiliate champion.

To sign up, send a blank e-mail to...

2) Selling Your Single Great Creation

Whether it's an e-book(s), software, or whatever your lifetime project is... that's where the Net offers you unparalleled opportunity. In fact, it was my single great creation, PennyGold, that gave rise to Make Your Site Sell! (MYSS!), and subsequently to

3) Selling Your Services

Consultants, programmers, graphic designers -- heck, professionals of any sort can leverage
themselves by maintaining a professional Web site, and SELLING their service directly from that site.

4) Online Stores

Take your existing inventory (or build a Web store without an offline presence), and offer it for
sale on the Net. You can even integrate your online store directly with a fulfillment house so it's completely unnecessary to stock product (or even maintain an inventory for that matter), or ship product.

5) Leverage Your Local Business Presence

Not so obvious, so I'll explain...

Say you run a duct-cleaning and furnace-repair business in your local community. Obviously, a worldwide Internet presence isn't of much value to you. After all, you're not going to load up the van and drive all the way to Zanzibar for a furnace cleaning job, right? So what does a Web
presence offer you?

A lot.

Sure, the Net is best known for its ability to leverage a business presence across international boundaries, but it's just as powerful on a local level. Yep, just because your business doesn't maintain an international presence with 1,000 franchises, does not mean the Net can't offer you
great benefits. Here's what I mean...

It's unlikely that you hold a monopoly on the business in your area (congratulations, if you do!). Even if you live in Sleepytown, USA, it's a dog-eat-dog world, just like everywhere else! If you're not on top of things, your competitors will gobble you up.

The Net will keep you on top of things... consider it your personal extension ladder! Stamp your URL in big, bold letters all over your business cards, invoices, and any offline promo you do. Then use your Web presence to build stronger relationships with your customers by offering them
*convenience* and *extras*. What do I mean?...

--> your bimonthly e-zine keeps you first and foremost in your customer9s mind, as well as providing valuable information for the home owner (the importance of a clean furnace to reduce the chance of low-grade carbon monoxide poisoning, for example).

--> your online form allows potential customers to obtain a custom quote at their convenience (3 A.M. in the morning, whilst you9re nestled comfortably in bed!).

--> your list of customers' e-mail addresses offers an unobtrusive and gentle way to remind them when they're due for furnace service or duct cleaning (Just a friendly reminder from Pete here at ABC Furnace and Duct... it's been 6 months since your ducts were cleaned! We9re here any time
you're ready :-) )

--> your informative site allows customers to trouble shoot the most-likely problem scenarios with their furnace and duct systems. This saves them money and time, and builds your credibility as a someone who cares!

See how it works?

6) Net Auctions

A new, vibrant, and truly invigorating opportunity. Net Auctions are the cyber-equivalent of the
marketplaces of yesteryear -- bustling centers of activity, haggling, buying, and...


Net Auctions are hotter than proverbial hotcakes. eBay, the most popular Net Auction site, is one of the most highly-visited destinations on the entire Web. 1,000's of bids are placed daily... by 1,000's of eager buyers.

For ANY netrepreneur, this boils down to a exciting, new, and potentially explosive chance... for unprecedented earnings! Yes, a Net Auction is...

The 6th Great E-Biz Opportunity!

Establishing a Net Auction biz is a fantastic idea for any netrepreneur. It is *especially* awesome for those who have yet to find their own profitable niche on the Web.

Consider some of the advantages...

o No need to build a site that SELLS! (or PREsells) -- heck, no need to build a site at all.

o No need to build targeted traffic to that site -- your listing nestles comfortably on some of the highest-trafficked sites on the entire Net.

o Minimal start-up fees -- product listings, at the most, cost a little over US$3.00. That's the extent of your investment. And for inventory? The stuff in the attic you've never had the heart to get rid of... for fear it might be worth something!

o You're actively involved in building your OWN business -- selling your *own* goods (even if it's the stuff destined for this year's yard sale), and building your *own* bottom line. In short, you become totally immersed in something that is completely yours. If you've had a difficult time viewing a Affiliate business as something you could truly believe in...

The Net Auction opportunity is for YOU!

o No competition from the big guys (or gals). Net Auctions aren't considered worthwhile by big companies that measure profits in the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. So they don't get involved. That means everyone's on an equal footing.

The Net Auction advantage is not selective. In fact, online information giant Jupiter Communications has suggested that e-tailers can successfully use Net Auctions to clear out surplus, overstocked, or out-of-season inventory much more quickly and effectively than they could directly from their stores.

And for those of us selling products or services, either our own or someone else's, a Net Auction listing brings both sales, and interested visitors to our Web sites.

By itself, a Net Auction business offers a fantastic opportunity for an additional income stream. But more than that, it offers those of us with other types of online businesses the ability to leverage our Web sites in a big, BIG way.

Would an inexpensive 3-line ad on eBay build interest in your products and your Web site? ABSOLUTELY.

It's like sticking up a cyber-banner with your advertising message in the midst of millions of itching-to-buy surfers.

How could it not help?

Build a Net Auction business, liquidate existing inventory, leverage your own products or Web site...

All for US$3.00 and a bit ?

Where do I sign up?

Right here...

Make Your Net Auction Sell!



Extracted with permission from SITE-SELL! Issue #016
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