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The Dark Side of Affiliate Programs
What to Avoid as You Build Your Affiliate BUSINESS

By Ken Evoy M.D., of Site-Sell


These days, there are a ton of merchants offering extremely high commissions on digital products -- up to 50%, a few even higher than that! This approach serves as a great "quick reflex" incentive to sign up to promote a program.

But it has NOTHING to do with PREselling high value products... NOTHING to do with building a serious affiliate business that will grow over time.

After all... someone has to pay those high commissions. And that someone is the consumer, by OVERpaying for UNDERdelivering products.

It saddens me somewhat because it's starting to give the whole affiliate concept a bit of a black eye.

From DAY 1, the 5 Pillar concept has been to provide products that affiliates will be proud to RECOMMEND, not to BRIBE them to push overpriced stuff to make a quick buck.

Do I do that because I'm such a nice guy? Nope, it's just simple, solid business, because EVERYONE wins that way...

1) SiteSell continues to build the HIGHEST VALUE PRODUCT brand image on the Net.

2) 5 Pillar Affiliates add value and win good will by making great recommendations rather than tricking folks into buying overpriced goods. Your visitor recognizes a referral as an HONEST attempt to provide a solution.

3) 5 Pillar Affiliates generate solid Conversion Rates because the pricing is so reasonable. It's not easy selling overpriced stuff... especially as the word spreads. So even in the short run, it's the best financial strategy for affiliates. In the long run, of course, it's a no-brainer.

4) The customer wins by getting GREAT VALUE.

The high-commission game is a transparent,
short-sighted one...

Most over-commissioned e-marketers post a
"Make Money" link on their sales site. So
it's easy for a referred visitor to learn
what the commission rate is. The higher that
commission is, the more suspect an
affiliate's referral becomes in the eyes of
the visitor.

It's clear that the price is INFLATED to
cover the referral fee. (How often do you
buy products when you know 50% of what you
are paying is going to the referrer?)

And when a visitor DOES buy such a product,
the affiliate's CREDIBILITY really tumbles
when the lack of VALUE becomes apparent.

As I see more and more articles decrying the state of affiliate programs, I'm proud of the fact that well over 95% of our sales remains affiliate-driven... and that we continue to steadily grow through this simple, value-driven concept.



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