What are the Advantages of an Overseas-Based Adgrafix Virtual Server System for Businesses in this Region?
  1. Hosted in the US - In today's increasingly borderless world, it does not matter too much where your server (or office in this respect) is located as long as your Internet presence is reliable and at high speed (a 99.9% uptime guarantee with T3 connection at Adgrafix), and you can do business effectively. Where then is the best place to locate your server today? In the most technological advanced country of course. (Note: Adgarfix also offers server hosting located in the United Kingdom)

  2. High Speed - For an online business to be successful, its website would need to load extremely fast. With a T3 connection to UUNet, the connection speed at Adgrafix is one of the fastest in the world, much fastest than any connection in this region. This means that your web site will fully 'open' or load faster than your competitor's web site that is hosted locally.  Slow loading sites risk losing more potential clients.

  3. High Security - Given the higher technology advancement in the US, you can rest assured that your files and documents on your Virtual Server are virus-free, hack-proof, and fully backed-up. Most web hosting companies in this region still lack a high security technology given the lag in technology and know-how.  There are some local businesses who were sceptical of hosting in other countries for fear that their products or business plan will be copied. But what is the likelihood of a web hosting company or its staff in a very advanced country like the US copying your Internet business plan? Almost 0% chance since they are already well ahead of us.  Isn't it more likely that a local web hosting company will do just that. Worst of all, most local companies here do not back up your files and documents in their server. Security is one of the main reasons for the current trend of mass migration of local businesses into the internationally-hosted virtual server approach.

  4. Cost effective - Any very small to small businesses can afford an Adgrafix Virtual Server. In fact, even an individual with a part-time home-based Internet business can afford it. 

  5. No long term contracts - You pay for your Virtual Server on a per month basis with no long term contract or obligation.  Adgrafix is confident you will be 100% satisfied with their servers, and if for any reason you are not, you can cancel your service at any time. Most suitable for businesses in this region since we are located a great distance from Adgrafix Corporation's HQ in the US.

  6. Maintenance FREE - No maintenenace headache or software/hardware upgrading. No worry on which software or hardware to purchase. No need to worry about your server being hacked or crashed. And of course, no need to come out with your technician's or engineer's monthly salary.

  7. 24/7 Support - Unlike other Virtual Server Providers, Adgrafix has a truly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support. Besides their prompt email support service, the best thing about Adgrafix support is their LIVE support. Whenever you want to inquire about your Virtual Server or encountered any problems, you can always chat with their support staff 24 hours a day.  Other companies may highlight their 24/7 support but many of them does not have a live chat support system and if they do, most will be in away mode.  For businesses in this side of the globe, it is important that the support will be available during your day time (which is the night time on the other side).

  8. One Hour Setup - Adgrafix now offers priority setup at no extra charge! Choose any of the Virtual Server options, pay for your order via credit card, and Adgrafix can have your site online within 1 hour. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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