How Does a Virtual Server System Works in Comparison to Other Systems/Approaches?

The Physical Server Approach

Many Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) contemplate installing and maintaining a dedicated Internet connection at their office believing it is the only way to establish a powerful Internet presence as they bring their business online in line with the Internet business boom and opportunities.  Typically however, these businesses do not realise (at least initially) how expensive a dedicated solution can be. An average connection to the Internet (leased line) itself cost around RM30,000 to RM60,000 per year; your setup including a physical server, router, CSU/DSU, software and hardware can cost up to RM20,000; and your technician(s) may cost you around RM1,500 per month per person.   This does not includes the thousands of ringgit you would need to folk out for electricity charges (mainly for air-condition consumption of your server room), your software and hardware upgrades, and other miscellenaeous costs. The reality is, if you don't have a start-up capital of at least RM150,000, you can forget about the Physical Server Approach.

The ISP Approach

A less expensive alternative to a dedicated connection is to host or "co-locate" your Internet presence with your Internet Service Provider (such as Jaring,, Brunet, MegaNet, etc.).  Your ISP will likely have very aggressive hosting prices and many may bundle "homebrewed" hosting services with dial-up services.  As attractive as it may appear, the "homebrewed" ISP hosting solution lacks the performance, technology, and connectivity necessary to establish a truly effective and powerful Internet presence.  This is because their core business is to provide dial-up services to thousands of customers which consumes huge amount of bandwidth and related resources.  On top of this, customer and technical service may not be up-to-scratch since this service is merely their 'sideline' service. You can check out Server Hosting Plan here for price comparison.

The Virtual Server Approach

The advanced Virtual Server solution gives you what you would expect from a physical dedicated server, but at a very minimal price in comparison.  The Virtual Server gives you full control to remotely manage your websites, without the high cost of maintaining your own machine, Internet connections, and the staff to keep it all running. You pay ZERO ringgit for your leased line connection, router, CSU/DSU, technician(s), sofware and hardware upgrades.   Additionally, and perhaps the most important aspect of Adgrafix's Virtual Server, is that you will be provided with a 24 hours a day LIVE support on top of their revolutionary easy web-based maintenance softwares.

With Adgrafix Corporation and as your hosting solution partners, you can be sure of having a powerful Internet presence free of the headaches of maintaining your own system. With nothing more than a PC and a dial-up connection to the Internet, you can create sophisticated Internet solutions including electronic commerce.  No expensive machines, no expensive routers, no expensive dedicated connections, no expensive computer engineers or technicians, and most importantly, no technical headaches.


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