Is Virtual Server the same as Virtual Hosting?

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Absolutely Not!  To put the difference between Virtual Hosting and Virtual Server in perspective, consider that Virtual Hosting is a feature of Virtual Server System.   This means that you can provide a Virtual Hosting service with your Virtual Server System.

There are essentially three distinct types of "your-own-domain-name" hosting solutions - Virtual Hosting, Virtual Server, and Co-located Dedicated Server.   In a Virtual Hosting environment, you are simply "sub-letting" software resources (i.e., web, ftp, email, cgi-bin, etc.) controlled and maintained by someone else.  The software is configurated and customised by the Virtual Hosting Provider.   Therefore, you are left with little or no control over how your Internet Service and Content behave.

In contrast, a true Virtual Server environment gives you full access to the software resources and affords you complete flexibility, control, and power over how your Internet Service Services and Contents behave. Virtual Server is the perfect hosting solution for small-to-medium sized businesses although given its innovative technology and cost-efficiency, tens of thousands of larger businesses have migrated to the Virtual Server System.

A Co-located Dedicated Server on the other hand, is a higher end of Virtual Server, which is the perfect solution for large companies with high-traffic, resource-intensive Internet sites.  It is basically the same as a physical dedicated server but is located and maintained in another location.  By outsourcing your hosting requirements to a Dedicated Server Provider, you eliminate costly expenditures for equipment, staffing, maintenance, and connectivity.  Most important, you can concentrate on the success of your business rather than worry about disk drives, routers, and switches!

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