What is a Virtual Server System?


The Virtual Server Technology was introduced to the world about 5 years ago.  Adgrafix Corporation (now known as is one of the first developers and pioneers of this new innovation.  The Virtual Server System (or sometimes referred to as Server Hosting) provides the most powerful and cost effective alternative to buying and maintaining your own physical dedicated server and Internet connections, without the loss of reliability or speed.

The Virtual Server System is based on the idea of multiplexing or partitioning a single physical server into an aggregation of multiple Virtual Servers.  This allows us to offer our clients the advantages of a physical dedicated server (flexibility, control, and power) at a price of usually up to 100 times less than a physical dedicated server.

The Adgrafix innovative software system (i.e., WebSiteManager) is such a simple (but powerful) tool that if you can POINT and CLICK on your PC, and have ACCESS to the Internet, you can use a Virtual Server to run a successful business web site!


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Introducing Adgrafix Virtual Server Technology

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Comparison between a Virtual Server and Other Systems

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Adgrafix Virtual Server Advantage

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