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In meeting one of the biggest challenges of the electronic economy or e-economy, businesses would need to establish a solid Internet presence at the lowest possible cost -- the key ingredient for local businesses to be more profitable and competitive in an increasingly borderless and globalised world. 

Only a few years ago, this challenge was almost an impossible task here given the high cost of going online, and the inadequate advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the infrastructure of the e-economy as well as the k-economy.  Furthermore, the vital ICT enabling tools required to be successful online were either too exorbitant priced or not available in this region.

Today, the TECHNOLOGY has well and truly arrived....., at your doorstep, and at the most affordable price in the short history of e-business. RichADZ, one of the region's first Alliance Partners of Adgrafix Corporation (now known as, the world's leading web-solutions provider, is pleased to introduce the.....

Virtual Server System
  • The e-economy and K-economy enabling tools of today's e-businesses. 

  • The cutting edge technology with the most cost-effective tools and implementation simplicity system.

  • The technology, especially for Small and Medium Size Enterprises, to enter, compete with the 'big players', and succeed on the Internet.

"From our years of experience in developing web sites for businesses, using both the 'physical' dedicated server approach as well as the virtual server system provided by various prominent companies, we are more than convinced that Adgrafix Virtual Server is the most superior option in terms of technology, cost, and support. It took us more than a year to introduce and recommend Adgrafix to our visitors. We would not have done so if we did not feel strongly that Adgrafix is a 'cut above the rest' - we would have changed to another company."

Jack Cheung

Chief Technical Consultant



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The Definition of a Virtual Server System

What is this innovative technology all about?

The Difference Between Virtual Server and Virtual Hosting

Find out how a Virtual Server can actually provide a Virtual Hosting service,

and what is a Co-located Dedicated Server.

Comparison between a Virtual Server and Other Systems

The different approaches to getting your business online and

why a Virtual Server System is the most powerful cost-effective solution.

Adgrafix Virtual Server Advantage

Check out main 'Local' reasons how Adgrafix Virtual Server can give businesses

residing in this region a valuable edge over their closest competitor.

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